Elect Jud Burgess for El Paso

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Two Generations Raised in District 2


I was raised in the Austin-Terrace historic neighborhood in District 2, on Oxford Street between the ages of 3 to 22, at which point I left for TSTC, a technical college in Waco, Texas.  Laurie, my wife of 32 years, and I moved back into the neighborhood six years later and have lived here since.  I have spent 47 years enjoying life in this exceptional district of El Paso!

We’ve raised our four children into adulthood in our home on Hastings Drive.  They all graduated with various honors from Burges High and went on to university to continue their educations.

Jared, our oldest graduated from Brown University and is currently living with us.  He works as a mental health advocate with La Familia de El Paso.

Next comes Nathan who graduated from UTAustin with a degree in Psychology.  He and his girlfriend Crystal Garcia live in Austin and he works as an assistant to my brother Roi James, a very successful fine artist.

Our daughter Micaela will graduate in May from Brown University with a degree in writing.

Our youngest daughter, Annabeth will resume her studies at Brown University after having taken a year off.  She will be a 2nd year student.

Did I mention we have a dog named Adelaide and three cats; Scout, Sherb and Laffy?